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Sam Hinshaw

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I am a software developer that enjoys bringing new ideas to life. I like to solve complex problems with innovative solutions using cutting-edge tools. I like to ship clean, modular, testable code.

I am also a graduate student in bioinformatics at The University of British Columbia where I build tools to make bioinformatics more accessible to all scientists. I welcome you to view a detailed breakdown of all my projects.

I program mostly in Python and Javascript, creating fully functional applications that make my research methodologies available to the public. There is also a special place in my heart for the first programming language I learned, R.

I have always had a passion for technology, and in my spare time I like to hack things together. I also enjoy giving back to community by contributing to open-source projects.

Other interests of mine include:

  • 📸 Photography

  • 🥖 Baking

  • 🌲 Hiking

  • 🏕 Camping

  • 🏃‍ Running

  • 🏊‍ Swimming

  • ☕️ Coffee

  • 🍺 Craft beer

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